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Acne and the Power of Hydration

Power of Hydration

Can Drinking Water Improve Your Skin?

You’ve heard it all before; drinking more water is the secret to beautiful skin. But is that really the truth, and is that true for everyone? Does drinking more water actually help clear away stubborn acne and fight early signs of aging as much as “they” say? Who is “They” anyway? Although drinking water has tremendous benefits for the skin, the lack of doing so may not be the only cause of your skin concerns like acne and signs of aging.

Acne has many causes

Many people who suffer from acne have a hereditary condition, meaning acne has been passed down from previous generations. To be exact, what is being passed down from your parents or grandparents is a bacterial strain called P-Acnes bacteria; a specific type of bacteria that resides in the follicles of the skin and causes an excess buildup of dead skin, sweat, and oil. This buildup blocks the follicle and causes irritation and inflammation leading to red, pus-filled lesions.

It’s important to realize that there are several different types of acne and different levels of severity ranging from 1 to 5. Type 1 is recognized as a dozen or less small red bumps, to type 5 being large, cystic, painful lesions. Some types of acne can be caused or worsened by intrinsic factors; such as hormonal imbalances, stress, and different medical conditions or medications. Some acne, however, can be caused or worsened by extrinsic factors such as lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition, lack of exercise, inadequate hygiene, and lack of – you guessed it – water.

Why water is very important

Water plays a much more important role in your health than you probably think. Our bodies are made up of roughly 78 percent of water. Not to mention that our largest organ of the body is our skin, which itself is made up of around 63 percent water. Now imagine if you aren’t drinking enough? Not only will your entire body be affected, but your skin in particular. Lack of proper hydration can cause a multitude of issues ranging from severe dryness, dehydration, overproduction of sebum, early signs of aging like fine lines and loss of elasticity, and a slower cell turnover rate. Systemically, dehydration can cause digestive problems, fatigue, and poor brain function.

Not only will water help to fight against acne and early signs of aging, just a 20 percent increase in your daily water intake can cause a domino effect of healthy benefits in the body. Just to name a few, water helps the regulation of body temperature, lubricate joints, increase metabolism, flush toxic waste from the body, and aid in faster digestion. The benefits of drinking the proper amount of water are endless. Most people say that it can also increase your mood, sexual health and libido, promote weight loss, and benefits the hair, skin, and nails.*

Talk with your skin care professional

As skin care professionals, we see clients suffering from dehydration almost every day. Most people don’t even realize that their skin is lacking in hydration until they have a thorough skin analysis during the treatment. Here at Parfaire Medical Aesthetics, we have several treatments that can help to ease dehydrated skin as well as a plethora of organic products to stop the damaging effects of dehydration while leaving your skin supple and healthy.* Find out more about Acne-fighting treatments today by contacting our officeat 626-414-5511 or email reception@parfaire.jhseo-web.com.

*Disclaimer* Any claims of easing dehydrated skin and improving skin conditions cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.

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