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Experience Advanced Forma Skin Tightening at Parfaire

Skin Tightening Treatment

One of the most exciting developments in cosmetic treatments is non-invasive skin tightening, and one of the most advanced skin tightening procedures available is called Forma. Forma is a procedure that can help you fight the signs of aging by achieving tight, youthful, radiant skin.*

Forma works by using radiofrequency waves to treat wrinkles and other signs of aging*. There is no downtime after the procedure, and it can be used on many areas of the body, like the face and neck.* The procedure is helps with crow’s feet, eye bags, sagging eyelids, marionette lines and lines around the nose.*

To learn more about the results you can achieve with Forma, speak with one of the experienced professionals at Parfaire Medical Aesthetics.

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*Disclaimer* Any claims of enhancing skin, removing wrinkles or spots, anti-aging, or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and might depend on lifestyle factors such as age, diet, exercise, sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol use.

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