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Fractora, Fraxel, and Co2: Which is best?

Fractora Procedure
Technology is constantly changing, progressing, and always improving. So how do you know what type of treatment will be best for your skin? How do you know if the newest technology is really more advanced? Before we go into comparison, let’s take a look at these treatments individually to truly understand the difference.

Fractora, Fraxel, and Co2:

Which treatment is more advanced? Which one will give me the best results? Is one treatment better for my skin than the other?
Fractionated skin rejuvenation is when skin is damaged through controlled micro-injury and the skin surrounding the area is completely intact. This aids for a more rapid healing process, whereas before, lasers would just shed the entire top layer of skin at the same time. This caused the healing process to be anywhere between 3-6 months, varying from patient to patient.* This technique was used in the 1980s and was thought to be the “turn of the century” skin care treatment. Until now, that is.

Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. RF energy heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled way to stimulate collagen production. It is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro-pins to resurface and restore the skin providing exceptional results with almost downtime.* With Fractora, the downtime is anywhere between 3-7 days with possible minor redness and flaking.* The downtime is so minimal, you can wear makeup 1-2 days post treatment.* With a proper home care regimen, the results can last anywhere from 2-3 years, making it the longest lasting fractional rejuvenation treatment to date.* This treatment is currently offered at Parfaire.*

Traditional Carbon Dioxide (C02) Laser Resurfacing removes the entire top layer of skin tissue to help reduce “age-spots” (also called sun freckles, liver spots, and lentigines), fine lines and other textural concerns.* The issue with this treatment is the potential for side effects. The side effects include scarring, hypo-pigmentation (whitened skin), and lines of demarcation which means you can see where the treated skin starts and the untreated skin stops. This can look extremely unnatural. The healing process can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months varying from patient to patient, making it a very invasive treatment.*

Fraxel Laser (Fractional ablative Diode Laser) treatment works by drilling microscopic holes into the skin, leaving normal skin in-between to aid in the healing process (Dr. Karyn Grossman, MD.) Fraxel repair is a single treatment procedure involving a fractional ablative CO2 laser.* It causes moderate to significant discomfort and requires down time of a week or more, as well as 2-3 days of wound care.* Many people claim that Fraxel does not deliver the desired results after two treatments. Doctors began recommending a series of 3-5 treatments to truly change your skin.*

Experts agree that although these three treatments have similar parameters in means of areas of concern, it is evident that Fractora is truly the most advanced of these treatments. Truly a one of a kind treatment!*

The Fractora Procedure

Fractora is a safe and minimally invasive and is performed by a trained health professional. If desired, pain relief will be given before the treatment, as well as a topical numbing agent applied to cleaned skin. The trained specialist will not only determine what parameters are safe to use on your individual skin, but will also determine what settings will give you the optimal results with as little discomfort as possible.
The entire procedure will take 45 minutes to an hour, after which the patient will be allowed to go home.* It is recommended to rest for a time before resuming normal activities. You will be given a comprehensive home-care instruction sheet as well as a few topical agents to speed up the healing process and make for a more comfortable experience.*

Contact Our Office and Arrange a Consultation

Need a total facial rejuvenation but don’t want to go under the knife? Fractora may be the perfect option for you.* It’s tried, tested, and FDA-approved. Parfaire is a world-class board-certified physician who has successfully treated numerous clients with Fractora. Find out more about Fractora today by contacting our office for a free personalized consultation.

*Disclaimer* Any claims of enhancing skin, removing wrinkles or spots, anti-aging, or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and might depend on lifestyle factors such as age, diet, exercise, sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol use.
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