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If you’ve got any kind of discoloration in your skin…

From freckles and hyper-pigmentation right through to age spots, rosacea or spider veins…

Imagine being able to bring all that color to the surface, and then watch it dissipate into thin air.

All the patches and spots on your skin would be gone…

You’d have an even skin tone, perhaps for the first time in years…

And your skin would look so much brighter and more radiant – with all your healthy skin shining through.

It would be a bit like the way a professional carpet cleaner suctions up all the dirt that’s embedded in your rugs, and removes it…

…Leaving your carpets beautifully clean and fresh-looking – almost like new.

The good news is that we can do exactly that, with our “Clear Skin” treatment.

It uses Intense Pulsed Light technology to target your unwanted pigmentation (which I’ll explain in a moment).

But it’s the most advanced, next-generation version available – 40% more powerful than any other IPL treatment.

So while with standard IPL, you need 6-8 sessions to see results, with “Clear Skin” you’ll see a life-changing difference in just 1-2 treatments.

It’s very comfortable and there’s no downtime.

And it doesn’t just help your face. We can use it on your hands, neck, chest, arms and legs as well!

Take a look at one of our recent patients, who came into Parfaire feeling self-conscious about the sun spots on her face:

You can imagine that before treatment, she probably had to wear thicker makeup than she really wanted, to cover up those spots…

And because these spots are often (unfairly) associated with the elderly, they probably made her feel older than she really is.

But look at the difference after just two Clear Skin treatments, in the bottom photo…

The patches and spots are all gone – as if someone’s waved a powerful eraser over her face.

Her skin looks bright, more youthful and – well – clear…!

The Clear Skin treatment is unusually easy…

You lie back while we apply some numbing cream. Then we pass our applicator over the treatment area a couple of times.

It has a one-of-a-kind sapphire cooling tip which ensures your skin stays comfortable.

Most people don’t feel a thing. Some people say it feels like a rubber band snapping against their skin – a bit like laser hair removal, but even easier.

The device releases bursts of light, which penetrates deep into your skin. These “search out” the pigment, and the energy flushes it to the surface of your skin.

It takes just 10 minutes.

For a few hours, you’ll look a little sunburned. And for a few days, the pigment might appear a bit darker.

Within a couple of weeks, it flakes and breaks up… And simply disappears.

If you want to wear less makeup, you’ll be free to… Because there will be nothing to cover up anymore!

In fact, your skin will look radiant and healthy.

No one will be looking at your spider veins or, if you have rosacea, wondering why you’re flushed. You’ll be free to be yourself.

And without the age or sun spots, you’ll look years younger.

The cherry on top?

The IPL energy also stimulates the growth of collagen deep in your skin. That’s the key protein which keeps your skin thick and smooth.

So if you have any wrinkles or fine lines, this will help reduce them too!

To find out more about how the “Clear Skin” treatment can help you, click here to book a virtual consultation with me today.

You can also call us on 626-844-7273 to get booked in.

During our online meeting, I’ll take a look at your discoloration, to ensure you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

I’ll walk you through how “Clear Skin” works and answer all your questions.

When we meet online, I’ll also be able to give you a realistic idea of the investment, which depends on the size and shape of the area we’re treating.

But please rest assured that this is a very affordable treatment and that the investment for Clear Skin is comparable to ‘standard’ IPL, even though it is far more powerful – 40% more powerful, to be exact.

It’s all so quick and easy, your only regret will be not doing this years ago!

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