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“My eyes always look so droopy and tired,” a patient once told me. “So I try to lift my eyebrows throughout the day, to make my eyes appear more open.”

I was astounded. Imagine the mental effort that took…

But I wasn’t surprised. Tired-looking eyes are one of my patients’ biggest concerns.

No one wants to go through the day looking like a zombie – especially when you feel awake and energetic. It’s very aging. And it’s demoralizing, too, especially when some well-meaning friend or colleague asks why you look so tired – and you’ve had a full night’s sleep.

So today I want to tell you about a fantastic solution to tired eyes, which I love because it’s so incredibly easy and even fun.

Upneeq is a special eye drop which lifts up your upper eyelids, opening up your eyes and making you look much more refreshed and well-rested.

Simply apply a drop of Upneeq to each eye- exactly like regular eye drops. The solution causes a muscle in your eyelid called Muller’s muscle to contract, raising your eyelids by around 2mm.

It’s not as dramatic as a surgical eye lift, but that’s exactly what it mimics.

Take a look at the difference it makes:

You can see how much more open and pretty her eye looks after Upneeq, right?

Larger eyes are also associated with youth, so it makes her look younger too!

The effect lasts for around 8 hours. And Upneeq is FDA-approved, so it is completely safe – although you should avoid it if you have glaucoma or poorly controlled blood pressure issues. Otherwise, you can use it every day if you like…

Lot of my patients, though, keep it for special occasions, like a big date or even a work presentation, when they want to look particularly alert.

Others apply Upneeq before a Zoom call or before taking a photo for Instagram, when they think they’ll look better with bigger eyes.

I use it too, before starting one of my overnight shifts in the Emergency Room. It’s partially because I want to look awake and alert for my patients. But it’s also because using Upneeq makes me feel more awake too. I’m not sure why, but the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

I find that this preservative-free solution doesn’t sting, and the effect kicks in after about five minutes.

I like that it doesn’t make your pupils any larger – your eyes look completely normal. Oh, and it also makes the whites of your eyes look more white, which brings out the color of your eyes.

While Upneeq is not a medication, it does have to be prescribed through a doctor like me.

So if you’re sick of tired-looking eyes, and would love an easy way to look bright-eyed and alert – at least for a few hours!…

Or you have some fun social activities planned over the summer, and would prefer to go out with bigger, clearer eyes…

…Then get in touch with me today about Upneeq.

The investment for Upneeq is $245 for a 45-day supply. Uniquely, we’ve also put together a 10-day supply which is perfect if you just want to try it out – the investment for that is $60.

Call our office today on 626-844-7273 or hit ‘reply’ to this email, to find out more.

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