PDO Thread Lift Durability: Unveiling Long-Lasting Beauty
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How Long Does PDO Thread Lift Last?

If you’re concerned about sagging or loose skin, a PDO thread lift might be just what you need to address the issue. From skin tightening to a more youthful appearance, the “lunchtime facelift” has many benefits.

However, you might wonder how long a minimally invasive treatment that can be performed in less than an hour actually lasts. After all, knowing that can help you measure a PDO thread lift against other anti-aging treatments. Fortunately, Parfaire Medical Aesthetics has extensive experience offering thread lifts, and can address all of the most important questions you may have about long-lasting results.

PDO Thread Lift Last

How Long Does a PDO Thread Lift Last?

A PDO thread lift provided by Parfaire lasts anywhere from two to three years, as our combination of PCL and PLLA threads greatly extends the expected lifetime. This is one of the many reasons why our PDO thread lift is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a facelift or dermal fillers.

First, the doctor will begin the treatment by positioning PDO threads in the subdermal layer of the skin. Shortly after, the skin will heal around the threads until they dissolve on their own after four to six months.

Throughout this process, the treatment triggers lasting effects, such as the production of collagen. These outcomes will become noticeable over time, especially if you continue with follow-up treatment after your first appointment.

Why A Combination Of PCL And PLLA Threads?

In the past, polydioxanone (PDO) threads could be expected to last 6 to 12 months. Though treatment with traditional threads is safe and effective, other types of threads offer superior results. 

Our treatment combines PCL and PLLA threads to achieve results lasting up to 5x longer than the average thread lift. To understand why, here are the different types of threads outlined:

  • PCL: Polycaprolactone (PCL) threads are stronger and more complex than traditional threads, allowing them to work longer before breaking down.
  • PLLA: These threads, otherwise known as Poly-L-Lactic Acid threads are more effective at stimulating collagen than PDO threads. This leads to longer-lasting results, as collagen is a key player in maintaining healthy skin.

The combination of these two threads creates an ideal outcome, as the increased cost of PCL threads (due to their complexity), is mitigated by adding PLLA threads (which have their own benefits). Together, these threads will be stronger and stimulate collagen production more than their traditional counterparts.

Treatment Take

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

PDO thread lift treatments typically take an hour or less. Comparably, the average facelift takes between two to six hours. 

Not only are thread lifts quick and easy, but the minimally invasive treatment also comes with the benefit of being able to return to normal life the very next day (or sooner!).

When Will I See The Results?

You should notice improved, lifted skin immediately following your PDO thread lift. While these initial results are more minor, the threads are already hard at work beneath the skin.

Later, approximately four or five weeks after the procedure, most people enjoy the full results.  By this point, you should clearly see skin tightening and lifted skin.

Can I Extend The Results?

You can extend the results seen in your treatment area with the right decisions and regular upkeep. In turn, you’ll be able to maintain a more youthful appearance for longer.

We always encourage caring for your skin and adopting practices that promote its well-being, so to enhance the longevity of your thread lift results, consider the following:

  • Stay hydrated every day by drinking plenty of water
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Incorporate a professional-grade skincare regimen into your routine
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Avoid rigorous exercise
  • Apply high-quality sunscreen and avoid heavy sun exposure
  • Take vitamins and supplements that support skin health

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO thread lift is one of the most well-known minimally invasive cosmetic services. The treatment utilizes absorbable PDO, PCL, or PLLA sutures to lift and tighten the skin. These sutures, often employed in other surgeries, consist of biodegradable polyester and are safely absorbed by the body.

Here are some examples of what PDO thread lifts can be used for:

Instead of targeting the underlying facial muscles like a surgical facelift, PDO thread lifts elevate and sculpt the facial tissues. For this reason, the treatment only requires local anesthesia, instead of general anesthesia. Ultimately, these differences are what make thread lifts minimally invasive and effective. 

Further, because a thread lift is so simple, you won’t have to worry about downtime after your procedure. Aside from avoiding pulling and straining in the treated area for at least two weeks, you can swiftly return to your regular activities, including work.

How Does a PDO Thread Lift Work?

A PDO thread lift places threads in strategic areas of the face where skin sagging has occurred.

The sagging is caused by a decline in collagen production and subcutaneous fat, which weakens the skin’s structure. This is because collagen is a protein essential for skin strength and elasticity, and as the body ages, its loss causes less elastic skin, wrinkles, and sagging. The PDO threads act as anchors for weakened skin and support the tissues in deeper skin layers.

As the threads are inserted beneath the skin, they prompt a healing response. This then spurs increased natural collagen production over time, which helps skin cells regenerate and stay youthful.

PDO Thread Lift Work

Inserting The Threads

PDO threads are introduced beneath the skin’s surface with a hypodermic needle. As mentioned previously, there are PDO, PCL, and PLLA threads and while they’re all similar to sutures, they also come in various textures. 

Here are some examples of thread differences:

  • Thread textures. There are three primary types of thread textures. Straight, smooth threads support collagen production, while barbed threads hook into and lift the skin, and screw-like threads increase facial volume.
  • Thread quantities. Generally speaking, the quantity of threads works simply, as those who want more lifting will receive a greater number of threads.

Before the insertion, you can recline in a semi-relaxed position. Luckily, you can expect an absence of pain and discomfort, as your treatment area will be numbed with local anesthesia.

What Does a PDO Thread Lift Treat?

PDO thread lifts can treat many areas affected by loose skin and aging, with the most common areas being the face and neck. However, thread lifts can also treat other areas for the same underlying issues. 

From softening lines to lifting skin, here are examples of areas that our PDO thread lift can treat:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Brow / Droopy Eyelids
  • Naso-labial and Marionette lines
  • Smoker line
  • Nose
  • Body

What Are The Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift?

There are many benefits that come with choosing a PDO thread lift. Here are some of the top benefits you should consider:

  • 1Skin Tightening
  • PDO threads lift sagging skin by providing support just beneath the surface. This support leads to skin tightening and a more youthful appearance. This is especially true for the brows, jowls, midface, and neck region, where threads can enhance smoothness and tightness.

  • 2Increased Collagen Production
  • Collagen is vital for healthy, youthful skin. Luckily, PDO thread lifts encourage collagen production by triggering the body’s natural healing process. In the months following your treatment, you can expect to see and feel the differences in your collagen production.

  • 3Customizable Treatment
  • One of the best benefits of PDO thread treatments is versatility. Many patients modify different elements of their treatment to achieve desired results.

    For instance, you can opt for different kinds of different threads, which all serve specific purposes. Additionally, the ease of the procedure allows for complementary skin rejuvenating procedures, such as cosmetic injectables (neurotoxins and dermal fillers), along with laser skin resurfacing treatments.

  • 4Gradual Improvements
  • Many patients understand why they want cosmetic treatment, but also worry about discretion over time. Unlike other treatments, PDO thread lifts allow you to achieve results without it being obvious that you’ve had any work done.

    As the threads gradually lift and stimulate collagen, your results will unfold over time. While your peers will undoubtedly notice the positive, youthful changes, you can also take joy in the mystery when they can’t pinpoint the reason for your success.

  • 5Long Lasting Results
  • A PDO thread lift lasts an impressive amount of time, given its noninvasive nature. You can expect noticeable results lasting anywhere from one to three years.

    In that time, the thread lift will support your skin every step of the way, whether it’s lifting skin in the first few weeks, or encouraging collagen production months later.

    hread Lift Is Right For You

    How To Know If a PDO Thread Lift Is Right For You

    There are a few ways you can determine whether a PDO thread lift is the right option for you. Here are some key factors to consider:

    • Your Age. Age plays a role in skin laxity, and given that patients with mild to moderate skin laxity are ideal for thread lifts, you might see the best results between 38-55 years of age.
    • Your General Health. Conditions like diabetes or autoimmune disease may hinder your results and cause other concerns during and after treatment. Additionally, women who are pregnant or nursing do not qualify for thread lifts due to safety concerns. 
    • Your Skin Health. Ensure that your skin is healthy approaching your ideal appointment time, as irritation, inflammation, or sunburn will all be detrimental to the procedure.

    Remember that PDO threads are a fantastic option for anyone looking to save time and money, while also getting incredible results. However, you should always go into your treatment plan with realistic expectations. Don’t expect your thread lift to look the same as a facelift, for example.

    Are PDO Thread Lifts Safe?

    PDO thread lifts are incredibly safe and effective. For example, the medical-grade threads utilized have been employed by a variety of medical professionals for decades. Used often in surgical procedures, they are especially safe for use in cosmetic treatment.

    What’s more, over 90% of PDO thread lifts aren’t just safe, but also show impressive results. That means you can pursue the treatment without worrying about complications or wasted income.

    Begin Your Skin Treatment Journey Today

    If you’re ready to start your journey toward rejuvenated skin, you’re in luck. Parfaire offers an anti-aging PDO thread lift treatment. This treatment is highly effective and professional, as it uses surgical-grade threads to tighten and lift the skin. 
    So, if you want a youthful look, along with improved skin texture and quality, contact us at 626-844-7273, or visit our office in Pasadena, CA.

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