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“I quite like the way my face looks when I look in the mirror,” my patient, Joelle, told me recently

“But then I catch a glimpse of my side profile, and I wonder… where’s my chin!? It’s almost invisible!”

It’s funny… Throughout the pandemic people came to me to treat their double chins, because when they stared at themselves on Zoom, they suddenly became conscious that they had excess fat in this area.

But now we’re all used to seeing ourselves on Zoom, people are coming to me with the opposite problem: Their chin is too small.

The truth is, it’s equally common – and for many people, equally bothersome.

You see, science sets out the precise distance between your facial features which people find most attractive. This is known as the “golden ratio.”

In this ideal (which very few people conform to perfectly), your chin aligns nicely with your lips and nose.

But sometimes, your chin is too short. It doesn’t protrude far enough, making it appear “small” or “weak.” That changes your entire appearance, particularly when you look at yourself in profile.

Take a look at the difference it makes:

The more her chin slopes inwards, the more prominent her mid-face looks…

But it’s just an optical illusion, because the features in the middle and bottom of her face are no longer balanced.

For most people, a “weak chin” is genetic. But you might also find your chin regressing with age, because your lower jaw can shrink.

The problem was, until recently there was very little you could do to correct this, short of chin implant surgery. And for most people, that’s an extreme, expensive, risky solution.

But as an industry, aesthetic treatment techniques have improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years…

Nowadays, there’s an easy solution to a small chin.

We simply inject a little bit of dermal filler into the area, re-shaping your chin and lengthening it.

It’s very similar to the way we can use dermal filler to make your cheeks more prominent, or to straighten a bumpy nose…

It takes just a few minutes, it’s very safe and it’s very bearable – we always numb you first.

For many patients, one of the big advantages is that it’s not permanent. Depending on which dermal filler we use, results might last a year or two. So if you’re thinking about getting a chin implant or just wondering what you’d look like if you lengthened your chin, this is a good way to see whether you’d like it without committing to surgery.

And in the very unlikely event you don’t like it at all, dermal filler can be dissolved.

Like all treatments for facial features, it’s important you go to an experienced, medically qualified practitioner for this.

There are many under-qualified injectors out there who don’t understand facial anatomy, are inexperienced in this area and have no idea what to do with complications, in the rare event they occur. You shouldn’t trust your face to them.

Here at Parfaire, I deliver the injectable treatments myself.

Like all our fillers treatments, I always start off with a conservative approach, injecting the minimal amount of product necessary to make a difference. If necessary, we can always add more later!

But truthfully, a little bit of filler goes a long way… Take a look at some recent results:

Isn’t that a beautiful transformation? Simply by lengthening her chin a little, her jawline looks more elegant and her entire face looks more balanced. After years of worrying about her profile, she was absolutely delighted

If those are the kinds of results you’d like as well, get in touch with me today, in one of 3 ways

Either way, I’m looking forward to helping you!

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