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Since New Year’s, it feels like everyone is trying to get fit, eat healthy, and improve their appearance.

Suddenly, your lethargic neighbor has started posting daily pictures of his stomach crunches on Facebook. With every week, he looks trimmer…

And your friends on Instagram have all become gourmet cooks – rustling up only the healthiest salads and soups, of course.

Is it your imagination, or do their jeans fit a little better with each bowl of lentil soup!?

This might be a result you want, too…

If you have some stubborn belly fat, you’re probably fed up with having to hold your breath just to get into your jeans.

And you’ve had enough of that “overhang” over your pants. You may even have started to wear baggy shirts to disguise your “problem area”.

When you were younger, you would leave the house wearing clothes you absolutely loved… Making you feel like a million dollars…

You’d love to feel like that again.

The problem is, you know the methods being used by your neighbor and friends are not going to work for you.

Chances are, you’ve already tried to exercise that paunch away. You’ve done thousands of stomach crunches! But the stubborn fat Just. Won’t. Budge.

It’s not your fault, because belly fat is often genetic, and can also be a result of age and hormones – none of which can be changed by exercise!

Healthy eating might not do the trick for your abs either…

…Because losing weight isn’t the issue. You’re already at, or close to, your ideal weight.

You just need to reduce, tighten and tone one particular area.

So are you destined to live with the pocket of belly fat forever?

Definitely not!

Because this year, we’re going to give you a helping hand.

Introducing our “12-Week New Body Challenge”…

…Where we work with you intensely to get you the flatter, tighter stomach you really want – without exercise… without diet… and without stress.

And we’ll do it quickly, so you see really visible results within 12 weeks. That’s just around the corner!

You see, you don’t need to do this alone.

We have powerful, cutting-edge aesthetic treatments that can:

>> Melt away your belly fat – reducing it by up to 40% (that’s MASSIVE!)

>> Tighten your skin – getting rid of any loose, saggy, wrinkly skin that makes you feel so much older than you are

>> Sculpt you a much sleeker figure with complete precision

And when we combine them strategically, we can transform your belly, so that it’s not only the size and shape you want, but making your skin look smoother and younger too.

In our 12-week program, we’ll take a look at your abdomen to diagnose the issues, and discuss the change you want to see.

Then you’ll be able to pick from 3 treatment combos, depending on whether you want “good” results… “great” results… or the “very best” results!

Whichever option you choose, it’s going to be like bootcamp for your abs – except you won’t have to do any of the work! (Isn’t that the best kind of bootcamp?)

I’ll tell you about the exact tools we’re going to use in a few days’ time.

But meanwhile, if you think this might be for you, the first step is to book a Zoom call with me, to find out more and discuss whether this is right for you.

>>> Yes! I want to get flatter, tighter abs – Book my consultation right now <<<

You can also call us on 626-844-1672.

The sooner you get started with your New Body Challenge, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful new figure… Buy some seriously flattering jeans that you really love… And chuck out those baggy shirts! (You won’t need them anymore.)

Most importantly, you’ll feel great about taking charge of a problem that’s been bothering you for a long time…

… And once you start seeing results, you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Wouldn’t that be great after the year we’ve just been through?

And here’s another reason to act now.

I’ve decided to offer all the body sculpting and skin tightening treatments in this program at a massive 25% saving – for just a limited time.

This is something we almost never do.

But I know how many people are trying to get a flatter belly right now, without seeing the results they want…

… And I want to put my hand out to you.

So if you’ve been thinking about a stomach treatment for a while, the time to act is now. It will never be more affordable.

To be eligible for this enormous 25% saving, all you have to do is book your consultation with me by Tuesday, February 2, and then go ahead with your first treatment by Tuesday, February 23.

But please know that we have a limited number of consultations available, and this is first-come, first-served.

So don’t wait – book your consultation today, while there are still spaces available:

>>> I want to reshape my abs in just 12 weeks – and save 25%! Book my consultation right now <<<

Here’s to a great year ahead,


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