Liza's Life-Changing Cellulite Treatment with Qwo at Parfaire
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One of our patients, Liza, has just given me permission to share these photos…

She was treated for cellulite on her buttocks using our groundbreaking Qwo procedure. And the results have exceeded expectations!

In fact, Liza says they’ve been life-changing.

How would you feel if you could smooth out your cellulite like this?

The really remarkable thing about this change?

It’s taken just one Qwo treatment – and we normally recommend three.

Liza was the very first patient I treated with Qwo when we introduced it to Parfaire last month. This cutting-edge treatment is being rolled out nationally later in the year – for the time being, we’re one of just 10 clinics in Southern California where you can get it 😊

I checked in with Liza recently, to hear about her results:

“I didn’t have any cellulite until two years ago,” she told me. “I’d always worked hard on my body and would normally wear cut-off shorts or yoga shorts in the summertime.

“Then suddenly, I started noticing dimples on the back of my thighs and buttocks. It was a mild case, but cellulite finally came for me… It felt unfair.

“For the first time, I had to wear self-tanner before I was confident enough to wear shorts. I felt restricted…

“Switching up my diet and lifting more weights didn’t make a difference. An aesthetic treatment for cellulite helped a bit, but the results only lasted a few weeks, which made it hard to keep up.

“So when I heard about Qwo, it was a no-brainer.”

Liza says she liked the idea of a relatively permanent solution – Qwo lasts at least a year, and probably much longer. (The studies are still tracking patients long-term.)

And she was reassured that Qwo is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite, so not only is its effect proven but it’s also very safe.

Qwo is so powerful because it treats the root cause of your cellulite – namely, fibrous threads which create a “net” under the surface of your skin.

Sometimes fat cells get caught in that net, which is what causes the uneven “cottage cheese” appearance.

With Qwo, we inject a natural enzyme into the dimples, which breaks up the fibrous threads. This is the first time it’s been possible to do this without lots of pain and numerous clinic visits, which is why there’s so much excitement around it.

“The treatment itself was almost a non-event,” recalls Liza. “The needle was very small and I was numbed. I didn’t feel a thing.

“Four hours later, I noticed some pink bruising. It didn’t look too bad at first, but over the next few hours, the bruising became very dark and spread. I’d been shown pictures of what to expect so this wasn’t a surprise, but it didn’t look nice.

“For a few days, the area was sore. I didn’t sit on anything too hard, but I also didn’t need more than a Tylenol to deal with the discomfort and I could still work out.

“The Parfaire team told me that the bruising meant that Qwo was working – because small blood vessels leak as the bands dissolve.

“And they were right!

“When the bruises faded, I could see a huge difference. I’m not even sure I need a second treatment, it’s that good.

“The shape of my buttocks hasn’t changed, but they’re now visibly smoother. The dimples are just gone.

“I immediately ordered a cheeky bathing suit for my next vacation…

“I’m excited that I’ll be able to wear my shorts again or thinner fabrics like leggings, without the cellulite getting in the way. And the results of all my workouts show better now – they’re no longer masked by cellulite.

“I just feel much more confident now.”

I love stories like that…

Because Qwo isn’t “just” about looking fantastic.

It’s about feeling as good as Liza does right now.

That’s the real point of our treatments. It’s no less than our patients deserve 😊

And that’s why we’re so excited to offer you Qwo.

This treatment improves dimpling both on your buttocks and thighs by at least two grades. That’s enough to smooth out even a severe case of cellulite.

The procedure isn’t painful. It’s quick. And you’ll see results fast, too – Liza’s transformation took just one month.

So if you’d like to get rid of your cellulite even before the height of the summer…

…So you, too, can wear whatever you like to the beach or on vacation…

…or throw on a pair of shorts without worrying about “cottage cheese” skin…

Just hit ‘reply’ to this email to request your consultation right now.

Or call us on (626) 844-7273, and we’ll find a time that suits you.

It’s time to fight cellulite!

PS. Want to see Liza getting treated for cellulite? She generously allowed me to film her Qwo procedure. You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether or not this is a painful procedure!

Just click here to watch the video now.

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