Restylane Silk Gives Patients Plump, Revitalized Lips
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Restylane Silk Gives Patients Plump, Revitalized Lips

Restylane Silk
The aesthetics and beauty of the human face have long been the subject of adoration for poets and minstrels since the days of yore. While most of their pieces focused on the eyes, one of the most important subjects was the lips. The beauty of healthy and full-looking lips has caught the imagination of men and women all around the world.
Unfortunately, with the stress, pollution, and sedentary nature of the modern age, many people’s lips have been sapped of their natural beauty. A large number of women feel that their lips look dry, sullen, and lifeless.

The advent of modern surgical and medicinal techniques has made it possible to give your lips a boost. One of the easiest methods for regaining the life of your lips is through the magic of Restylane Silk.*

What Is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk is a lip-augmentation product designed for those above the age of 21. It’s comprised of hyaluronic acid and acts as a filler, giving your lips a fuller and more luscious appearance. The product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and is considered to be safe for adults of both sexes.*

How Does Restylane Silk Work?

The lips and the region around the mouth start to form wrinkles as part of the aging process. Tissue loss also occurs during this process, creating the lips to lose volume and become thinner. The overall effect is that of an unnatural shape of the lips.

Restylane Silk fills up the gaps between the creases as well as between the contact points of the cheeks and the lips.*The unique micro-particles of hyaluronic acid provide a smoother and more voluminous appearance to particular regions of the lips, letting you sculpt your lips exactly how you desire.*

Restylane Silk not only makes the lips look fuller, proper application also ensures improved symmetry and aesthetics.* Lips tend to look their best when they appear full at the center and taper off at the corners, with a well-defined bow-shaped structure called the Cupid’s bow at the center of the upper lip.* In addition, Restylane Silk improves the symmetry of the lips when viewed from the center as well as the sides.*

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Restylane Silk?

Those who have pre-existing ailments may need to take some precautions before using the product. It is best to consult a physician who will recommend the correct course of action if you have any of the following ailments:

• Allergies to lidocaine
• Bleeding disorders
• Anaphylactic allergies
• Stiff scarring disorders

The product has been tested to have minimal side effects.* Temporary mild swelling, mild bruising, and stiffness may occur, and if so, they can be taken care of with the help of your physician.*

Volumize Those Lips

At Parfaire Medical Aesthetics, we offer Restylane Silk and a wide variety of other aesthetic treatments to help you meet your beauty goals. During a consultation with American Board-Certified physician, patients learn more about our treatments and find out which options are the best choices for them. Contact us to arrange your appointment.

*Disclaimer* Any claims of restoring volume, enhancing or improving lips, plumping, or filling lips cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.
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