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I think I’ve told you before about an old neighbor of mine, who used to spend every Sunday washing and buffing their car…

It always looked so shiny, like new.

But one day, I noticed they weren’t cleaning their car as usual. It turned out they’d neglected the engine and it wouldn’t start!

Looks can be deceiving…

To keep your car in optimal condition, you need to take care of it both on the surface and under the hood.

It’s the same with your skin.

To look its youthful best, you need to take care of your skin’s quality, tone and texture on the surface.

This means getting treatments that get rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells clogging up your pores, as well as treatments that hydrate and nourish your skin and get your skin cells to turn over faster.

Instead of looking dry and dull, your skin will look clear, radiant, dewy and healthy. It’s the equivalent of giving your car a really good buff on the outside!

But you also need to take care of your skin’s structure “under the hood”, making sure that the deeper layers of your skin have plenty of collagen – the key protein which keeps your skin elastic and taut.

This ensures that your skin looks smoother and plumper, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and tightening lax skin. And it gives your face a more youthful shape.

While each of these approaches helps by itself, it takes a combination for your skin to look its best.

That’s exactly what you get with our special “Summer Skin Rejuvenation” package.

I designed this to help if, after several months of summer, you’re concerned that your skin looks dry, dull and flaky.

It’s a really common occurrence by the end of August… Our skin dries out in the sun. And because the sun also damages your collagen, it can make your skin more lax, too.

You’re not alone if you’ve looked in the mirror recently and wondered: “Why does my skin look so rough?”

When the quality of your skin is poor, it makes you look older and more tired.

I want to make it easy for you to fix damaged skin, so you can enter September with clear, bright, healthy skin you love and can feel confident about.

The “Summer Skin Rejuvenation” package treats your skin both inside and out:

1. Treating the surface: We use our most popular facial, the Diamond Glow (formerly known as SilkPeel), to give your skin an unparalleled clean, and then nourish it with medical-grade serums that fix sun damage and fight the signs of aging.

This treatment is unique because it exfoliates your skin and infuses it with the nourishing serum at the exact same moment. So the serum enters your skin at the precise moment when your skin is most receptive to it and has maximum impact.

2. Treating below the surfaceWe use our Red Carpet Lift treatment to deliver radiofrequency energy deep into your skin, heating up the underlying tissue and making it tighten straight away.

More long-term, it also triggers your skin to produce more collagen – the key protein which (as I mentioned) keeps your skin firm, elastic and healthy.

We normally recommend a series of three treatments over several weeks for optimum results, which is all included in the “Summer Skin Rejuvenation package.

Plus, when you get the Summer Skin Rejuvenation package, you’ll go home with two high-impact skincare products which will help you maintain your results for as long as possible.

Parfaire’s own SPF gives you maximum sun protection because it’s both a physical and chemical sunscreen. You can also keep your skin hydrated and dewy with a choice of Eminence hydrating mists, which you can spray on your skin up to 5 times a day.

Together, these treatments and skincare products can take skin that’s sun-damaged, dry and flaky, and make it look clear, healthy and beautiful again…

…By making every layer of your skin stronger and healthier.

The normal investment for one Diamond Glow treatment, three sessions of Red Carpet Lift, the Parfaire SPF and one Eminence Hydrating Mist is $1,537 (tax included).

But it’s become a tradition for us at Parfaire to offer an end-of-summer saving.

So this year, you can get the Summer Skin Rejuvenation package for 15% less, with an investment of just $1,299. This is a significant saving of $238.

The only condition is that you must book before Wednesday, August 31 to secure the special price.

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Or simply call us on 626-844-7273 to find out more and to book your sessions.

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