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If I took a look inside your bathroom closet, I have no doubt what I’d see…

A stack of creams and lotions, all promising to keep your skin wrinkle-free, smooth and bright.

You’re not alone. Everyone wants the same thing…

That’s why cosmetic companies have spent billions finding the most effective formulas to fight skin aging.

Over the years, they’ve made many advances.

But everyone is still looking for the one cream to rule them all.

I’m excited to tell you about the most powerful skincare product yet.

Studies show that this single cream slows down your skin aging by a massive 24%.

That means that your wrinkles take much longer to appear…

Pigmentation is stopped in its tracks…

Your skin stays tight and smooth for longer.

That’s incredibly powerful.

If you use this cream daily, you’ll slow the wheels of time while your friends’ skin continues aging at a normal pace.

They’ll wonder what you’re doing to keep your skin so young-looking…

…And they’ll never know the truth…

That every morning, you’re simply applying a cream which they already have in their own bathroom!

You see, the cream I’m talking about isn’t some new discovery or cutting-edge, miracle breakthrough.

It’s… just humble sunscreen.

It works exactly as I just described, because sun damage is responsible for up to 90% of the damage done to your skin.

Simply by blocking those rays, you can preserve your skin for the long-term and make it age much slower.

The tragedy is that most people don’t use their sunscreen regularly, maybe because it doesn’t feel as exciting or as luxurious as your eye cream or moisturizer.

That’s why, when we developed our new in-house range of skincare products, I was really anxious to include an SPF which you’ll actually want to use.

Our new Parfaire sunscreen has an SPF of 44, which means it’s extremely effective at protecting you from the sun’s rays and preserving your skin’s youth.

It’s medical-grade, so it has a particularly high concentration of naturally occurring minerals like zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which form a protective barrier on your skin. Off-the-shelf sunscreens just aren’t as effective.

But it’s also packed full of hyaluronic acid, one of the most moisturizing substances on the planet. So it will keep your skin well-hydrated and dewy, like all the best moisturizers.

It’s very gentle. Not only is it suitable for all skin types, but you can use it straight after your aesthetic treatments – which is pretty unusual.

It has a very light tint which is suitable for almost all skin tones, and which will leave you with a nice glow.

And finally, it’s not one of those greasy sunscreens you hate. This one feels luxurious and lovely to apply. Take a look at the elegant bottles:

You wouldn’t mind applying that every morning under your makeup, would you? 😊

To find out more, and to order your first bottle of Parfaire’s SPF, call us now on 626-844-7273 or hit ‘reply’ to this email.

This is simply the most important step you can take to protect your skin’s youth, so don’t wait…



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