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Top 5 Skincare Trends of Right Now

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Like many things in western culture, trends come and go. Whether its fashion, food, or you guessed it, skin care. Certain things gain popularity and once skin care companies believe it is in high demand, they start to mass produce similar products. This includes treatments, packaging, and even the use of certain ingredients.

1. Hyaluronic-acid based moisturizers:

Hyaluronic acid has been around for several decades, but in the more recent years it has gained popular hype. The main reason that it is used as a skin hydrator because of its ability to hold 1,000 times it weight . It simply hydrates, which makes perfect sense because over 8% of people are not properly hydrated, therefore neither is their skin. It gained its popularity for being the optimal option for people who are prone to acne breakouts, due to the fear of oil.

2. Radiofrequency treatments:

Radiofrequency has gained popularity, especially in the medical aesthetics arena. Due to its ability to penetrate to the deep layers of skin, it is used in conjunction with heat and other forms of controlled trauma to activate and stimulate your bodies own collagen and elastin. Many these treatments typically are done at an office setting since radiofrequency can only be done by a skin care, or medical professional.

3. AHA/BHA exfoliating masks:

Masks have been a skin care must have for the past few years. With the uprising of korean skin care, sheet masks became all the hype. However in the past few months masks have moved back into jars and are now incorporating active ingredients such as AHA/BHAs. These are alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids which exfoliate your skin chemically. Some are naturally derived from plants and others are made chemically of course. These acids exfoliate your skin, ridding it of the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin leaving your skin soft and clean and bright.

4. At-home beauty tools:

Because of the uprise of makeup and beauty in the more recent years, it has become apparent that everyone needs to improve their skin. Obviously, people do not have the time to see a skin therapist everyday, so they have began to sell skin-improving products for home.

5. Less cake, more skin:

That’s right ladies! It’s time to ditch that 30 min makeup routine in favor of a more natural look. This means that your skincare routine is that much more important.

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