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The car looked beautiful.

Every Sunday, my neighbor would wash his car in front of his house, polishing and buffing it… You could tell it was his pride and joy.

But one weekend, I noticed him standing in his driveway, car nowhere to be seen.

It was like a disruption in the natural order of things! I couldn’t resist asking why he wasn’t polishing his car.

Turns out that it was in the garage, having extensive work done to the engine.

While he’d focused on what the car looked like on the outside, he hadn’t paid attention to what was happening under the hood…

…And the car was just not as roadworthy as it looked.

There’s an important lesson here about taking care of your skin.

You see, the skin actually has three layers…

The outer layer that we see – that’s the epidermis.

The dermis right underneath, which holds your sweat glands and hair follicles.

And then there’s a much deeper layer, the hypodermis, which is like the foundations of a building, holding it up. It’s full of collagen, connective tissue plus some fat.

If you want to preserve your skin long-term, keeping it youthful and fresh, you need to take care of all three layers.

Lots of people only get superficial treatments, like facials and peels. They might give your skin a nice glow and an even tone, but it’s a bit like polishing and buffing your car all day long.

Your skin will look fantastic on the outside, but underneath your skin structure will crumble….

…And you’ll develop sagging, thin skin relatively quickly.

The best way to nourish the deeper layers of your skin is with treatments that build collagen. That’s the protein that keeps your skin firm, elastic, and healthy.

But if that’s all you’re doing, it’s a bit like checking your car’s breaks and fuel system every few months…

…While leaving all the dents and scratches untouched.

Yes, your skin will stay firmer for longer. But you’re more likely to see dull skin, pigmentation, fine lines, and blotches on the surface.

It’s not exactly rocket science. For your skin to look its best long-term, you need to treat it both superficially – and deep within.

Here’s an easy, fun way to do that.

In recent months, we’ve been taking two of our most popular skin treatments and giving them to patients in one session…

…Creating an unbeatable combo.

>> Diamond Glow (previously known as SilkPeel) is all about giving you smooth, clear skin and a beautiful glow, on the surface.

This medical-grade facial plumps up tired skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gets rid of blackheads, dramatically reduces pigmentation, and can even help reduce acne scars.

It uses a diamond-tipped applicator to give your skin the deepest clean possible. Then we infuse your skin with professional-grade serums which brighten it, hydrate it, clarify your pores, or infuse it with Vitamin C to fix sun damage and fight the signs of aging.

These are the kinds of beautiful results you’ll see:

>> The Red Carpet Lift works on the deeper layers of your skin. By building your collagen supply, it lifts and tightens saggy skin. We call it a “starter facelift” – it’s that powerful.Red Carpet Lift

We can use this radiofrequency treatment to tighten your jowls, reduce eye bags, eliminate crow’s feet and other fine lines, give you a firmer neck and even help eliminate a double chin.

This is a treatment that changes your skin’s structure and impacts your skin long-term. But you’ll see immediate results as well. That’s why it’s called the Red Carpet Lift – it’s perfect if you have a big event coming up and want tighter skin fast.

Here’s an example of the results you can expect:

Each one of these treatments is incredible by itself.

But put them together, and you can address all your skin’s issues in one go…

…Giving it a beautiful texture and tone on the outside, and strong, firm structure on the inside.

And the best part?

Even though these are high-impact treatments using best-in-class technology, the experience is extremely gentle and even pampering.

You’ll feel like you’re in a day spa, with low lights, aromatherapy, and even a neck-and-shoulder massage.

Both treatments are pain-free and suitable even for very delicate areas of your face, like around the eyes.

You can even have this combo right before your regular injectable treatments, so it’s extremely convenient.

And you’ll leave with The. Most. Beautiful. Skin.

To book your Diamond Glow-Red Carpet Lift combo treatment, just hit ‘reply’ to this email.

Or call us right now on (626) 844-7273.

We can’t wait to help you transform your skin – inside and out.

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