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My recent email about Qwo, our ground-breaking treatment for cellulite, created a lot of excitement…

In fact, we treated our first patient the very next day – that’s how eager people are to get rid of lumpy skin 😊

My patient, Liza, generously allowed us to film her treatment and talked about it on camera…

Watch the video right here:

(Can’t see the image? Click here to watch the video now – starting from 1:34.)

Notice is how comfortable Liza is.

People always worry that a treatment involving needles is going to be painful…

But you can see in the video that Liza rated her discomfort at just 2/10 – in other words, it’s a bit annoying but it doesn’t hurt.

She was able to talk easily throughout the treatment (with no flinching or ‘ouches’), and at the end was even surprised how quickly it went by.

That doesn’t mean there’s no discomfort associated with Qwo – as I mentioned on the video, there is – but it comes after you leave the clinic.

A few hours later, you’ll start to notice bruising, which may spread beyond the spots where we inject you.

This has nothing to do with the injection itself. Rather, it’s a good sign!

It means that Qwo is working, and that the fiber bands that cause your cellulite are breaking down. This can cause small leakages in your blood vessels – in other words, bruises.

This won’t stop you going about your daily activities and bruises don’t hurt in and of themselves.

But these marks aren’t pretty and they can last for a while (although they’ll be lighter and go away faster with each treatment).

And since they’re on your buttocks, you may want to sit on something soft for a while…

…And you definitely won’t want to go swimming 😊

Still, when those bruises fade, you’ll notice that the cellulite that has been bothering you all these years is finally fading, too.

We’re talking about a treatment that can create this kind of change in just over two months:

See how the lumps on this 48-year-old lady’s buttocks have smoothed out?

That’s no easy feat!

Cellulite has been notoriously difficult to treat – until now.

Qwo is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite, and I’m really proud that we’re one of the very first clinics nationwide to offer it.

>>> I’m ready to treat my cellulite – book my consultation right now <<<

We love Qwo – and you will too – because it eliminates cellulite:

With little pain. It’s an injectable, but the needles we use are so tiny you won’t even need to be numbed. This is the least invasive of all cellulite options.

In just 3 visits to the clinic. Most other solutions require you to come in 8-10 times.

With visible effect quickly. You’ll see a real change as soon as 3 weeks.

– And best of all… The improvement is significant. Qwo improves the appearance of cellulite by at least two grades. That’s enough to go from a bad case of cellulite to a pretty smooth backside!

To celebrate Qwo coming to Parfaire, I’ve decided to extend our special introductory offer for you 😊

The normal investment starts at $2,999, but you can save a massive $300 on your course of Qwo treatments – as long as you book your consultation this month.

>>> I want to talk about getting Qwo for my cellulite! Book my consultation right now <<<

You can also call us on 626-844-7273, and we’ll get your consultation booked in.

So don’t wait.

This is the most exciting development in the treatment of cellulite in… well… ever. I’d love for you to be a part of it!


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