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In my last email, I was really excited to tell you about Fractora

This is the original Morpheus8, the cutting-edge skin-tightening treatment everyone is talking about right now.

Made by the same company, Fractora and Morpheus are virtually identical – you won’t be able to tell the difference.

But after treatment, you’ll enjoy the same tighter, higher, smoother, more youthful skin.

We’ve offered Fractora for years. Our patients love it because it’s the perfect “starter facelift” if you’re not ready for threads or a surgical facelift, but don’t want injectables either.

Treatment is fast – usually between 30-60 minutes…

It’s suitable for all skin types…

And the results speak for themselves:

Before, her skin is crepey and thin. After, her skin is so much thicker, smoother, and more youthful…

But I realise that all that is very theoretical. It can still be really difficult to visualize what a Fractora treatment is really like. And if you’re thinking of getting Fractora, you probably want a better idea of what to expect on the day.

So I’ve found a short video which I posted on our Instagram account a few months back, showing me giving myself a Fractora treatment.

I think you’ll be surprised at just how small the device is…

(Can’t see the image? Click here to watch the video directly)

Here’s what it’s really like.

When you come into clinic, we start off by applying numbing cream, to keep you as comfortable as possible. Once we’re ready to start, we move the device over your skin just like in the video, covering your whole face and sometimes your neck too.

Fractora uses a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy to work its magic. Both stimulate collagen in your skin, which makes it firmer and smoother.

Now, as always I’ll be completely honest with you…

Some treatments at Parfaire are painless or even pampering. Fractora (like Morpheus8) is not one of them. You’ll notice that in the video, my face is pretty red. This is a treatment you’ll definitely feel.

But you can also see in the video that I’m not distressed… I’m calm, to the point where I can treat myself. It’s definitely bearable.

The redness will last for up to three days, and you may see some tiny scabs appearing too. You’ll probably want to hide at home for a little bit, although you shouldn’t need painkillers.

As for results, it takes a while for collagen to build in your skin and start remodelling it from within.

A few weeks after your first treatment, you’ll start to see your skin get thicker and tighter. Your sagging will slowly reverse itself… And with every passing day, you’ll look just a bit more youthful.

Around the same time, your skin will also get smoother as your wrinkles and fine lines soften. That’s a by-product of the tightening effect.

And you’ll also have a better complexion, because Fractora reduces blemishes like hyperpigmentation too. In fact, it’s sometimes used as a skin resurfacing treatment.

We recommend between 2-3 treatments, spaced several weeks apart, and you’ll continue to see improvements for 6 months after treatment.

The results are long-lasting, but you’ll probably need a maintenance treatment every year, to keep “topping up” your collagen.

Ready to find out more about how this powerful treatment can help you?

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