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How Diolaze Can Erase Unwanted Hair


Unwanted hair can be a major nuisance, especially when it requires consistent lifelong maintenance in the form of shaving, trimming, plucking, waxing, or the application of potent chemical creams and lotions.

If you’ve been dealing with the ongoing struggle regarding the removal of stubborn hair and peach fuzz, Diolaze laser treatment may be your new go-to hair removal solution.

What is Diolaze?

Diolaze is an advanced and powerful laser hair removal treatment that safely, painlessly, and effectively removes unwanted stubborn hair and peach fuzz. Diolaze can treat large spots of hair at the same time and requires only a few brief treatment sessions to eliminate and erase unwanted hair.

Diolaze can be used nearly anywhere on the body to remove unwanted hair. Areas that are commonly treated with Diolaze include:


  •             Face
  •             Legs
  •             Bikini area
  •             Underarms
  •             Chin
  •             Neck
  •             Back
  •             Chest
  •             Shoulders 
  •             Sideburns

How Does Diolaze Work?

Diolaze is a laser treatment that uses a diode laser beam to direct high-energy light through the skin and toward melanin (a dark skin pigment) located at the roots of hair follicles. The light emitted from the laser heats up melanin to destroy the follicles and prevent future hair growth, or to significantly inhibit hair growth. After some time has passed, new hair follicles may form and grow to replace those that have died with laser hair removal; therefore, future Diolaze treatments may be needed to destroy new hair follicles.

How Effective is Diolaze at Removing Stubborn Hair?

Diolaze often produces instant results, with stubborn hair being visibly reduced after each treatment session. Most patients can achieve hairless and smooth skin with only three to six sessions, though some individuals may need additional sessions based on factors such as the size of the area being treated and the length of hair growth cycle. Hair is always at various stages of growth; therefore, multiple Diolaze sessions are often needed to target hair follicles at their mature stage, when they are most vulnerable.

Diolaze is often far more convenient and effective than many over-the-counter and salon hair removal treatments involving wax and creams. Non-laser hair removal treatments usually require long-time use, and tend to be more costly and inconvenient when used over the course of a lifetime.

Is Diolaze Painful?

Diolaze is relatively painless and far more comfortable than most other hair removal devices and methods. Tweezing and plucking hairs can be painful, as can wax treatments that pull on your skin. Shaving and trimming can be time-consuming and lead to ingrown hairs, while some depilatory creams and lotions are extremely caustic and can burn the skin when left on for too long or applied incorrectly. Most patients report feeling no discomfort or pain during Diolaze sessions.

Where to Find Diolaze Laser Hair Removal in Pasadena

Those who wish to eliminate unwanted hair with Diolaze can visit Parfaire Medical Aesthetics in Pasadena, California. Parfaire Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of rejuvenating and cosmetic treatments for women and men who wish to look and feel their very best. Schedule an appointment or consultation with us today, or call us at 626-466-3774 to learn more about our many services and aesthetic treatments.

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